Tree transplanting is made very quick and cost effective with the use of our mobile Tree Spade Machine. It can instantly add value and beauty to your landscaping or project.

The Tree Spade is a clever piece of engineering and is recognised worldwide. We can uplift trees from the ground and transplant to a new location. There is no mess and virtually no disturbance to the tree.

Recent major work has been the installation of large screening trees on Golf course fairways and greens to add privacy and protection to homes bordering the boundaries. This was a huge success for the Golf Clubs and the residents.

Schools are another area that have been utilising the efficiency of the Tree Spade by relocating existing shade and screen trees within the schools boundaries. With the importance of Sun protection today, we have seen a recent trend where schools have contacted us for large shade trees from our nursery to provide instant shade and shelter for the students.

Our Tree Spade is a very clean, quick and cost effective method of transplanting trees and is a valuable tool for:

> Landscapers
> Property Developers
> Schools
> Council Projects
> Golf Clubs
> Home Landscapers
> Orchards

Our Tree Spade is a valuable tool for any orchard development:

> Kiwifruit vines
> Chestnut Trees
> Apple Trees
> Citrus Trees
> Avocado transplanting & development
> Shelter Belt tree transplanting
> Screen Trees & Shade Trees

Our services also include:

> Tree pruning
> Palm tree pruning and removal
> Tree Spade hire New Zealand wide

  Paul Frowein - Director
Tree Transplant Services
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